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Somewhere Over Omaha

Because you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

Brother Rail Gun of Quiet Reflection
23 March 1960
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Born 1960 in the stately town of Keokuk, Iowa. Subsequently lived in Quincy IL, Shawnee Mission KS, Woodridge IL (twice), Peoria IL, St. Louis MO, Plano TX before actually spending four years in one place--Eastern Illinois University in scenic Charleston, IL.

Upon graduation I joined up with the Missouri Pacific Railroad in St. Louis (and on my first day was told "Welcome--by the way, we've just been bought by Union Pacific so you'll probably be moving to Omaha in a few years"...a prediction that took about 22 years to come true). After about 10 years in the web environment, I have returned to my people in the mainframe world, albeit working with an assembler-based programming language that makes the choo-choos go where they're supposed to and such.

Have a wonderful wife (The Redhead), and an incredible daughter studying foreign languages at UMSL. Beware, this one does not follow the pack...she usually is LEADING it. Also owned by three cats: Saki, Misato and Rakka.

I'm interested in everything and anything and am a dangerous man at bookstores. Also dangerous at home repairs--tools and lefties don't mix very well in general!

BTW...I do have a filter which I use for my fanfiction. If you're interested in seeing it, email me and I'll add you on.