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Somewhere Over Omaha
Because you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
News of the world: Darling Daughter got extended for a second Disney College Program tour. She is really enjoying herself and has made noises about this is where she wants to work. I have my fingers crossed.

In other news, I broke down and created an AO3 account because I am an attention slut. :)

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It's been about two years since I last posted here. In that time:

Daughter returned from Japan (yay)
Daughter graduated from college (YAY)
Daughter just began a Disney college Program internship (YAY!)

I'm writing again...Legend of Korra this time. It's a fun, wide-open universe. I'm also back at Fanfiction.net (mostly because I really don't like/trust AO3). https://www.fanfiction.net/u/180077/

And best of all...the Redhead and I celebrate 30 years of marriage this year! (Divorce, never! Murder...occasionally...)

Them's the highlights.
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Anybody still here?
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It's hard to believe that 21 years ago today the Redhead and I spent all day at St. Mary's waiting for Darling Daughter to make her world debut. Red had the benefit of Good Drugs; I did a lot of pacing and worrying. Funny how that last bit never ends. :)

As was promised long ago, we're taking Darling Daughter to a very nice dinner Saturday evening at Ruth's Chris (like she'd let us forget). In addition to that, I thought I'd buy her a little present. She's big into Disney pins these days and there were several I knew she had her eye on, so I found one at a reasonable price on eBay (let me tell you, that can be difficult with pins)and snapped it up. One thing to keep in mind--the seller had four of these pins. Keep in mind too that I said nothing to Daughter about this. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Ho ho ho.

Last night she called about something, then added "By the way, I know what you bought me for my birthday because that guy had four for sale and now there's only three and I checked." I couldn't reply immediately; I was laughing too hard.

Darling Daughter has her mother's brains and her father's warped sense of humor. I always said I never worried about her following the crowd; my fear was that she'd be LEADING it.

Here she comes. You've been warned. :)

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This is going to be image-heavy, so being the kind soul I am, I give you an lj-cut:

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I'd forgotten I'd made this until browsing my LJ pic library. Given that Red Dwarf is about to begin another season...good luck to them EVER topping this bit.


This is my favorite shot of him with Darling Daughter. I only wish he was around to see her all grown up, kicking tail and taking names. He thought the sun rose and set on her.

Which it DOES, of course, I'm just saying...
Many thanks to the Giants for knocking the Dodger$ out of the hunt for the second wild card spot. The Birds on the Bat are battered, bloodied, and ready to face the Braves on Friday. And Albert Pujols gets an early head start on finding a new residence in the Los Angeles area.

We're far from the favorite, and honestly, none of the teams in the playoffs are to be taken lightly. Then again, we weren't supposed to stand a chance against the Phillies, the Brewers or the Rangers last year. This should be fun, no matter how long or short the run.

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This is just utterly awesome, especially when you know how it all played out last night.


The seven-hour drive from St. Louis to Omaha on Sunday evenings is a real pain, especially the last hour or so. Zooming through the dark withered corn fields of Iowa isn't exactly thrilling.

Being able to hear Curiosity's landing and confirmation of such live via the CNN Sirius channel last night was a nice plus, though. :)

(Though I wish to God they'd just shut the stupid announcer up and let the interview and live feed just go...)


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